Drone Data Set

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The drone images, research results and data on this page were produced as part of the VTO Inc. Drone Forensics Program, sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division. For more information visit www.droneforensics.com or contact VTO at droneforensics@vtoinc.com.

How The Drone Data Set Was Created

For their Drone Forensics Program, VTO purchased sixty drones: twenty drone models, ~3 of each model. Each drone was setup and operated in a controlled, geofenced environment. Attempts were then made to acquire and image the data storage areas on each drone, the controller, connected mobile devices and computers. The drones were completely torn down and disassembled to identify data storage areas. Various acquisition methods were applied across each set of drones, e.g., logical, physical, chipoff, etc. Note: this research is ongoing. Images for the first 41 drones are available; images for the remaining drones will be linked to when they become available.

Data Set Contents

The Drone Images section below lists each drone that was part of the program. Individual drones are identified by a Reference Number. The make, model, reference number and a link to the research results is listed for each drone. Clicking the linked reference number takes you to the Google Drive folder that holds all the data collected for that particular drone. This includes the image files for the drone, controller, connected mobile devices, and computer acquisitions and a data sheet. The data sheet contains information such as the GPS coordinate boundaries for the drone's flight, the day it was flown, and the file name, size and hash value for each of the data files for the drone within the Google Drive folder.

Drone Research Results And Documentation

VTO is also producing the results and documentation for their research and examination of each drone model. The results for each drone model can be found by clicking on the link in the Drone Images section (Note: this work is ongoing. Results for 3 drone models are availalbe; results for the remaining drone models will be linked when they become available). The following information is included in the results:

Requesting Access To The Drone Images

The drone images linked to in the Drone Images section below are hosted on a Google Drive administered by VTO Inc. To access the images you must first request access by clicking here or by emailing droneforensics@vtoinc.com. Note: you do not need to request permission to access the drone research results documents.

Drone Images

Top-level Google Drive folder (complete drone data set; includes drone research results documents): https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B1aBvVt_vSSecGd6d1hkVDdhZU0

All drone research results documents: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/13zT-aRr13cZUh1iRUV_u5SBWucr1pSwR

Drone Reference NumberDrone MakeDrone ModelDrone Research Results
DF001DJIPhantom 3 StandardPhantom 3 Standard Results
DF002DJIPhantom 3 Standard
DF003DJIPhantom 3 Standard
DF004DJIPhantom 4 ProfessionalPhantom 4 Professional Results
DF005DJIPhantom 4 Professional
DF006DJIPhantom 4 Professional
DF007DJISparkSpark Results
DF010DJIInspire 1Pending
DF011DJIInspire 1
DF012DJIInspire 1
DF013YuneecTyphoon HPending
DF014YuneecTyphoon H
DF015YuneecTyphoon H
DF019DJIMavic ProPending
DF020DJIMavic Pro
DF021DJIMavic Pro
DF022ParrotBebop 2 with SkycontrollerPending
DF023ParrotBebop 2 with Skycontroller
DF024ParrotBebop 2 with Skycontroller
DF025DJIInspire 2Pending
DF026DJIInspire 2
DF027DJIInspire 2
DF028YuneecTyphoon Q500 4KPending
DF029YuneecTyphoon Q500 4K
DF030YuneecTyphoon Q500 4K
DF034DJIMatrice 600Pending
DF035DJIMatrice 600
DF040DJIAgras MG-1SPending
DF041DJIAgras MG-1S

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