The following binary images were created by performing either a JTAG or Chip-off data extraction technique.

The Mobile Device content column defines the typ of mobile device the contents were extracted from and links to a pdf file that documents the data contents populated onto the associated device.

The Data Extraction column defines the technique used.

The Binary Image column links to the associated binary which can be downloaded and imported into a variety of digital forensics tools capable of parsing at JTAG and/or Chip-off binary file.
Mobile Device Data Extraction Chip-off Data Extractin JTAG
HTC Desire 626 N115018 CHIP OFF.001
Moto-E N115015 CHIP OFF.001
LG K7 Chipoff.001
Samsung S2 N115020.001
ZTE Z970 Chipoff.001
Samsung S4 N116133.001
HTC Desire S HTC_Desire_S.img HTC_Desire_S_JTAG.bin
HTC One XL HTC_One_XL.img HTC_One_XL_JTAG.bin
Samsung S4 samsungS4_M919.bin
HTC One Mini HTC_One_Mini.img HTCOneMini.bin

Archived Mobile Images are available

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Last updated: August 6, 2019
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