Mobile Device Images
Guidance Software Neutrino

GSM Mobile Device Evidence File – Neutrino

The data contained in the image was acquired using Guidance Software’s Neutrino version 1.4.14.  While forensic mobile device acquisition tools continue to improve, the forensic workstation must be configured allowing successful playback of audio and video files as well as displaying foreign languages.


The mobile device (manufacture/model depicted in image filename) contains two audio files (one .wav and one .mp3) and two video files (i.e., .3gp). Your task is to load the mobile device acquisition image with Neutrino and configure your forensic workstation to play these files successfully. 
The second task is to load the SIM acquisition image with Neutrino and properly display Text messages in French and Chinese.


The mobile device internal memory image contains two audio files of type .mp3 and .wav and two .3gp video files.  
Text messages in French and Chinese.

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  2. Conformément à la législation française, l'iPhone sera également propose "nu" et débloqué, permettant ainsi de choisir son opérateur. Ceci aura toutefois un prix, probablement 999 euros. Il devra en tout cas être suffisamment prohibitif, car dans ce cas, Apple ne touchera pas de commission sur les abonnements, une exception française.

Creating this test image

The test image was created first by populating data onto the internal memory of a mobile device and associated media (i.e., subscriber identity moduel [SIM]) and acquiring the data with Guidance Software’s Neutrino version version 1.4.14. 

The test images provide mobile forensics specialists using Guidance Software’s Neturino the ability to  determine if the forensic workstation is setup to display foreign character sets and to ensure that the forensic workstation is properly configured to support .3gp files and audio files.


GSM Mobile Device Evidence File – Neutrino
Nokia 6101.L01
SIM Only.L01